VPN and Travel

Everyone loves to travel some for business, others seeking thrills and adventure or relaxation and rejuvenation. No matter the reason people choose to travel it is quite disheartening when something goes wrong. The anticipation, the expectations the sacrifices people go through to take a trip all play their role in this effect.

Imagine you lose your wallet or passport while away from home… all the hassle to get funds cancel cards, report stolen IDs. It happens more often than we think, a lapse in concentration is all it takes.

Something else not so tangible may also happen, cyber security threats. Whether we are in a hurry to catch a taxi or a flight, even just relaxing by the poolside in a hotel, everybody needs an internet connection. We all like to get things for free and free Wi-Fi is something we all look for.

The problem though is that many of these networks (café, hotel, airport) are not secure leaving us vulnerable to an attack. In some cases, hackers setup “clone” connections where we think we are connecting to a safe connection to we connect to cloned one. Credit cards are not safe and there is a high risk for an identity theft.

The solution is using a Virtual Private Network or VPN. It used to be a cool thing to have but now it a necessity. The VPN is a tunnel that encrypts data sent/received between your device and the internet. Find further information about VPN here

If you thought a VPN is only to keep you secure then check out the list below for a few more nice benefits of using a VPN.


Bypass Government Internet Censorship

The Great Firewall of China is the best example. Other governments also choose to censor internet access. Blocked websites include popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, media websites like the New York Times, and even search engines like Google. Here is a list of blocked sites, apps and services in China

If you want to access blocked websites, you will need a VPN service like LibertyVPN to bypass the censorship. A VPN is because it routes your internet traffic through a server in a different country with no censorship.


Save money on hotels, car rentals and flights

Companies use your internet data to target their ads and to adjust their pricing. This is done using your browser history to determine the price of your ticket. If they know where you would like to travel to, they will charge you more or less, depending on where you are browsing from.

A VPN allows you to change where you are browsing from and ensures companies don’t know what you are searching for.

Hide Your Internet Activity

Your ISP has access and logs your internet activity, your entire complete browser history. Google and Facebook also keeps tabs on you by knowing your interests, downloads and activities. LibertyVPN does not keep logs ensuring that you remain anonymous.


Access Netflix and TV

Popular streaming services such as Netflix are often controlled in various countries due to copyright agreements. As mentioned above a VPN connection allows you to connect through a country with no such restrictions, therefore you may be able to access TV channels (BBC, ITV, ABC, CBS, NBC), streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime), radio and music (Spotify).



A VPN will help with some of the stress usually associated with travelling, more importantly it will secure your internet world!

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