How to access Apple movies and iBooks in China

Less than seven months after Apple launched iBooks and iTunes Movies, the services have been shut down in China. Every now and then the Chinese government makes such decisions to block various online services. Sometimes they are quick to revoke such decisions but other times they may last for years. One thing is for sure, if visit or you live in China, then you are bound to experience some form of censorship.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) service is by far the easiest and most effective means of bypassing China’s great firewall. A VPN will allow you to use the internet as you would like allowing you to access all the services that you would enjoy in the western world. Similarly it will allow you to access iTunes movies and iBooks circumventing the latest issue presenting itself when in China.

This is possible by creating a secure encrypted tunnel between your computer (tablet, smartphone) in mainland China and a VPN server somewhere else in the world; it is impossible for the Great firewall to determine what websites are being visited.

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